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Hi, my name is Neville Cox. I can be your ideas man and give you amazing ‘outside the box’ suggestions to make your property stand out way above the average.

… Ideas that can add a lot more value than they cost

… Ideas that can save tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary mistakes

  • Swimming Pool and Spa area ideas and concepts
  • Outdoor Living Area ideas and concepts
  • Landscape Design ideas and concepts
  • Renovation ideas and concepts
  • Street Appeal ideas and concepts
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If you are building a swimming pool or spa and don’t just want a hole in the ground, but want some great ideas that can add a lot of value to your property, I can definitely help. My suggestions and ideas can also save you thousands in avoided mistakes. … It all happens on my very first site visit.

I not only design pool areas, but can give you ideas for your whole property including your house, as I have extensive renovation design experience that has added thousands more than the investment to my clients properties.

It costs nothing to chat, so give me a call … 0413 70 8844

I have a creative mind, which gives me the unique ability to see things that most others don’t see, and I can often turn what others may see as problems, into assets. Not only that, if necessary, I am able to draw some basic ideas right in front of you to help you visualise what I am seeing as possibilities and positioning all the various components required for your yard, even perspective views if required.

Coming from a building background, I have the ability to also foresee the many mistakes that can be made along the way and put in place checks and balances to reduce those potential mistakes that many others don’t think of and keep them to a minimum, saving you in some cases, tens of thousands of dollars in wasted time and money.

I have over 40 years of hard won experience in the Swimming Pool and Landscaping Industry, with physically building many projects both residential and commercial, with many of those years being spent in the design side of the industry … What that means for you is, that our initial chat may surprise you with the many possibilities that you may not of thought about yet for your special project, and in some cases disastrous consequences can be avoided.

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I limit the projects I take on, to ensure you get the proper attention to detail required for the best outcome in design and budget. So enquire as early as possible if you would like to explore the possibilities by booking an in-person site visit.

I not only consult with Home Owners … but also Pool Builders, House Builders and Architects.

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“My aim is to add far more value than the actual investment by utilising good design principles”

Pool Renovation Ideas…

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How do we work together?

We can simply have a chat on the phone to see if my services suite you. Please call during business hours Monday to Friday … 0413 708 844 or text me anytime and I’ll get back to you.

A valuable and informative visit to your home is the best ever ideas starter…

Sometimes you need a friend in the business… If you live in the areas I service, I can visit your site for an initial chat to give you my ideas. During my visit which lasts somewhere between One to Two hours, I will describe in detail what the possibilities could be. There is no need for formal designing on this visit, but if some are needed, I’ll have some paper & pens to draw basic layouts so you can clearly visualise my ideas … This visit represents great value because the ideas, suggestions & savings I bring to the table will be worth far more than the small initial investment … What that could mean for you is, a pool area and landscaping that’s well designed, looks great, adds value to your home and perfect for your lifestyle. After a walk around your property with me asking questions along the way to get you thinking, you’ll get a head full of great ideas, and maybe even some timely warnings about what not to do in your yard so as to maximise your investment, this will get you started on your Swimming Pool or Landscaping journey with confidence, and in many cases, depending on your budget, you can simply pass the best of the ideas onto your contractors and enjoy a better outcome then if you went it alone. I can be that friend in the business that won’t pressure you to buy anything, but I’ll be there for you as an experienced guide … Call me on my Mobile: 0413 708 844 or email me at to arrange this visit…

If you require more than a site visit, I may offer you the ultimate value in service and creativity … it’s only offered after the 1st visit… For a limited number of clients each year.

After blending my suggestions with your ideas… If you love what the possibilities for your yard could become, and we both feel it is the right thing to do, and we can see the need for more detail … I can then offer you a fully comprehensive, far more detailed set of scaled preliminary concept drawings along with coloured perspectives that engineers and contractors can work with … Some of the contractors could be sourced from my personal contacts if they are available, and I can also help you through the mine field of negotiating without compromising things that are important to increase the possibility of achieving the highest quality services and finishes you require for your budget. Admittedly this process would suit higher budget pool areas, but when used, because of the greater detail presented in this exclusive service, it can possibly save you tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary stupid mistakes, or more often than not, add tens of thousands of dollars extra value to your home over your costs because of great design, which makes it cheap when you think of the value such great ideas can add to your property and you eventually ‘live in’ and ‘feel’ the final results from the wise choices you have made and you experience everyday the ‘lifestyle living’ we created together for you and your family and friends … Yes, you too can have exactly what my clients have experienced from this service – see below … Mobile: 0413 708 844

Don’t Take My Word For It … What Do My Clients Say?

Neville is a true expert in his field and his vast experience and knowledge allow him to wear many hats.  He went above and beyond to create a vision to transform our backyard into something greater than we could have  imagined on our own. His passion, professionalism and integrity made him a joy to work with every step of the way.

We would highly recommend Neville to anyone who is looking to revamp or reimagine their backyard or outdoor areas of their homes.

Sonny & Summer Suharto … Carrara, Qld

It was an exceptionally positive experience working with Neville. We found him experienced, personable, professional, very thorough and his suggestions to be incredibly creative. 
We believe that the end product, the presentation and portfolio, consists of expert advice and innovation. In our opinion Neville’s service went above and beyond our expectations and was every bit worth it.

Hugo & Louise Du Toit … Molendinar, Qld

We weren’t sure exactly what we wanted to do with our back yard and pool renovation when we called Nev to come out and have a look at it for us. We’d seen one very impressive example of his work at a house we had visited the previous week, so decided to see what ideas he had.
Immediately upon meeting Nev, we knew we were on a winner. We could see his mind ticking over with possibilities, and whilst he asked us plenty of questions about what we were after, he was throwing ideas back at us at the same time.
Nev was clearly excited about the project, and his enthusiasm was infectious. We immediately agreed to sign Nev up for the design work, and it wasn’t long before pencil concepts started arriving in our in-box.
Nev also arranged for a survey to be done of the entire block to get all the levels accurately mapped, and another underground survey of pipes, cables etc – things we’d never have thought of ourselves.
In addition, we were having trouble resolving some design issues with our kitchen renovation, and after mentioning this to Nev in conversation, he asked to have a look. Within 24 hours he had resolved the problems we were having, even though it was outside his brief. Other designers and architects could not see the potential he saw.
The whole process from discussion to concept to design was a very enjoyable one, and quite painless. Nev has a true designer’s eye and the result is as much a work of art as it is functional. At the same time, Nev was always happy to take on board our likes and dislikes and any ideas we had, so we always felt we were part of the creative process.
The total design package that Nev produced was quite extraordinary, and he had gone well beyond the original brief, so the investment was money very well spent and terrific value. 
After the designs were complete, Nev kept tabs on the actual work being undertaken by the subcontractors (whom he had suggested), which was very comforting as our knowledge is pretty limited.
I’d like to say to conclude: Nev Cox is a very nice and sincere man, and quite apart from the work he’s done we consider him now a friend; and secondly – Nev’s ideas and designs are so good, and his enthusiasm so catching, that you could be tempted to to invest more to make your pool area, and whole property incredible … but we promise, like us, you won’t regret it.

Peter & Caz Game … Mt Warren Park, Qld

“When we received our poolgraphix design, we were so excited at the prospect of transforming our yard into our own personal resort area, little did we know that it would lead to bigger and better things! When we built our dream pool, it added so much more value to our property we decided to tap into that equity and use the extra money to renovate our home to match our new pool, so we did a major renovation on it as well! The result? … Spectacular! An unexpected bonus came when our pool was nominated for the SPASA awards and it won! Thank you so much Neville for giving us the ideas and the motivation to realise a dream of living in such spectacular surroundings”.
Michael & Narelle Lynch … Gumdale, Qld

Neville’s advice and help in renovating our already existing pool, has been invaluable.  The contractors he suggested that we use have been exceptional.  Prompt, thorough and extremely professional. Explaining each stage in the process in detail, and ensuring we were across it all.  Always cleaned up, protected other areas in the yard and garden, and were very pleasant to have working on the property. Their attention to detail was laying down black plastic to protect existing paths and steps.
We are very grateful to Neville for his creative designs and knowledge of the industry as well as his contacts within his area of expertise.

Mick & Barbara Dunne … The Gap, Qld 

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